Mediact first aid

Syllabus and philosophy

The Rescue Emergency Care REC scheme emphasises that different trainers have different styles of teaching, and that there should be room for these within the course delivery, as long as the syllabus is covered. Our instructors are not robots.

In line with this, the Mediact philosophy is that learning is best done through practical involvement, and frequent repetition.

Courses are based on a memorable, logical and practical ABC system. This makes the skills easier to apply in real, stressful and difficult situations.

No medical jargon or technical names are used, just basic skills with plenty of 'hands on' practice. This is combined with the philosophy that if we teach why you do things, as well as what you should do, you are more likely to do them.

The course is pitched to meet the requirements of the course members.

Mediact teaches first aid appropriate to the situation where it is needed, in the belief that the basic skills should be taught to an advanced level, rather than advanced skills be taught to a basic level.

We emphasize the need to understand general principals and treat according to the circumstances, rather than learn a series of rote reactions. In many real situations, improvisation is the key.

First aid isn't fun, it can be scary. Somebody is hurt or ill.

It is usually practiced in an unpleasant environment, with inadequate equipment.

Students should go away feeling confident that they can act in an emergency, and competent to do so well, without needing a 'shed load' of equipment.

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